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Giordana Neoprene Toe Covers
Most cycling shoes are made to keep your feet cool on warm summer days. With Giordana's Neoprene Toe Covers, your shoes will be comfortably warm on brisk days, too. The covers slip onto the front third of your shoes to block toe vents and trap heat where you want it. Plus, they're made of dense neoprene to stop wind chill and moisture. There are openings for your cleats, too.
Giordana Super Roubaix Leg Warmers
Turn your shorts into tights when the weather's cold, and back into shorts if the weather warms! Giordana's Leg Warmers are made of Super Roubaix fleece fabric that traps heat and wicks moisture, so you stay warm and dry. Their ankle zippers make it easy to put the Leg Warmers on and slip them off, even over your cycling shoes. Plus, elastic grippers hold them in place so they won't slip down.
Giordana Neoprene Pullover Shoe Covers
Giordana's Neoprene Pullover Shoe Covers let you ride no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. They're made of neoprene to stop the wind, resist moisture, and trap heat so your feet always stay dry, warm and comfortable. They have cleat openings, too.
Giordana Super Roubaix Arm Warmers
Add versatility to your riding options with Giordana's Super Roubaix Arm Warmers. They slip on easily for early-morning rides, cool descents and extra wind protection. They're easy to pull down and pull off if the temperature rises. The Giordana Arm Warmers feature Super Roubaix fabric which traps warmth next to the skin and wicks, too, to keep you dry and comfy.
Giordana Super Roubaix Ear Cover
Don't let chilly temps send you indoors early. Giordana's Super Roubaix Ear Cover has a wind-resistant outer layer and a soft, fleecy inner layer so your ears stay toasty warm while you enjoy the great outdoors. It easily fits under your helmet, too.
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