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Shimano Deore LX Rear Derailleur- Low Normal (Long Cage)

Shimano Deore LX Rear Derailleur- Low Normal (Long Cage)
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Shimano's Deore LX Rear Derailleur is built to withstand the rigors of off-road riding with a lightweight aluminum body and low-friction pivots for incredibly easy and smooth shifting. And the LX features 11-tooth pulleys, which alternate chain-link contact reducing wear and smoothing pedaling.

An important part of a rear derailleur's job is keeping the chain taut as you change gears. Chain-wrap capacity is a number that tells whether or not a derailleur will be able to do this on the drivetrain you plan to use it on. Calculate chain-wrap capacity with this formula: Chain-wrap capacity = (large chainring - small chainring) + (large rear cog - small rear cog). Example: 44/32/22 chainrings and a 12-32 cassette: (44 - 22 = 22) + (32 - 12 = 20) = 42-tooth chain-wrap capacity.

Part Numbers

689228076013 IRDM580SGS REA38412659E