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Shimano SH-M310 Shoes (E-Width)

Shimano SH-M310 Shoes (E-Width)
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Because every body (and foot) is unique, Shimano's fully customizable SH-M310s could well be the ultimate mountain bike shoes. Thanks to Shimano's Thermo-Form technology we are able to heat mold the uppers and insoles of these shoes so that conform exactly to the contours of your feet. Your feet will then track perfectly allowing you to pedal more powerfully and reduce the possibility of injury to the knees and other joints. Of course, these top-notch shoes are complete with carbon midsoles, durable synthetic leather uppers, grippy lugs, anti-slip heel cups, and micro-adjust buckles with dual offset straps.

In order to mount your pedal's cleats to your shoes, they must have matching bolt patterns. There are three configurations (diagram) used on cycling shoes, SPD-R, Look and SPD. Road shoes feature one, two or even all three of these. Mountain-bike shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure what bolt pattern your shoes use, please contact us. We're here to help!
Shimano Shoe Sizing Chart
This chart is to help you evaluate the fit. (Some of the sizes shown may not be offered.)