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Zoot Women's Fuzion SL WetZoot

Zoot Women's Fuzion SL WetZoot
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Make the swim your best leg with Zoot's Women's Fuzion SL Wetzoot. Made from lightweight Yamamoto #39 cell neoprene, this low-density rubber suit offers flexibility, buoyancy and durability for a speedy split in your next triathlon or open water swim. Plus, a sleeveless design and 3mm thigh and calf panels ensure easy on/off for fast transitions and a low, tapered neck collar maximizes comfort.

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Zoot Sports: great apparel and wetsuits for multisport athletes!In 1983, Christal Nylin, a Kona, Hawaii resident and athlete, noticed that the transition area of Kona's Ironman Triathlon was more like a changing room than a mere parking lot for race gear. So she began experimenting with swimming, biking and running clothing, combining aspects of two or more pieces and eventually developed one- and two-piece suits that could be comfortably worn over the duration of an Ironman without the need for more garments. Her colorful fabrics and solution-driven designs quickly gained popularity and Zoot Sports was born. Today, Zoot continues this tradition of advanced problem-solving products for multisport athletes and they're popular with top racers everywhere.

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Zoot's tri-specific clothing combines fun styling with the best in moisture management and compression for maximum training and racing comfort. From singlets to racesuits to shorts, Zoot's high-tech clothing lets you focus on your multisport goals in pure comfort. And, with bold colors and even shorts available in multiple lengths, there's a fit and style for everyone.

Zoot's fine wesuits are perfect for your next open water swim!Plus, Zoot offers amazing wetsuits to help you slice through the water like a shark. These combine the slickest coatings and best neoprene with Zoot's innovative designs for the fastest and most comfortable suits going. Whether it's a swim in a chilly lake or a warm ocean, Zoot has a wetsuit for your next open-water swim that you'll love.

In 2008, Zoot also debuted the first triathlon-specific running shoes. They are designed to handle the change in running biomechanics that occurs while riding the bike leg. And, since they are tri-specific, they're fast and easy to slip on and are meant to be worn without socks, saving you precious transition time too.

From head to toe, from start to finish, from the swim to the run, Zoot has you covered. So if you're looking for the best gear your next multisport event, check out our great selection of Zoot shoes, wetsuits and apparel!